Ghost is an open-source blogging platform built on a modern Node.js framework. Ghost CMS is the best option for running a minimal blog with no overhead. In other words, Ghost CMS is appropriate for blogs that only need to publish and manage posts and pages. It can also effectively manage membership sites.

In general, Ghost is a full-featured headless CMS that is completely independent of any front-end or static site framework. Its front end, like Ghost’s admin client, is both optional and interchangeable.

Top 10 Best Free Ghost Themes Designed for Blog

Like any other blogging platform, Ghost has a marketplace where you can buy different themes. You can choose whatever best fits your needs. Here are some free templates you can use to publish content on Ghost. There are simple themes that focus on the text, lively designs with lots of posts and images, and essential publishing tools. So, we wrote this post as a guide for open-source Ghost themes for people who want to use open-source programming.

1.) Simply


Simply is an open-source, multipurpose ghost theme that was made by It comes with different home designs and layouts, dozens of customization options, and documentation that is easy for both users and developers to understand. 

Simply can be used as a magazine, a company or personal portfolio, a newsletter portal, a photographer showcase, or even a simple blog.

2.) Bulletin


Bulletin is a minimal newsletter theme for Ghost cms. The theme separates your homepage into two sections. This is a free Ghost theme that follows all the latest trends and regulations of the web. In other words, it works fantastically well on all devices and web browsers.

 Every reader will enjoy skimming your content and be happy to come back for more.

3.) Caffeine


Caffeine is a minimalist theme for the Ghost publishing platform that was inspired by Material Design. It used to be a branch of Uno-Zen, but since then, a lot has changed. Huge thanks to the original creator for the original theme layout and inspiration.

 It is a simple theme that will work for a business blog, a simple blog where you can share your stories or exciting list posts.

4.) Ghost Starter Theme


The Ghost Starter Theme is an official theme from Ghost that developers can use as a base for building their own themes with any CSS and JS framework they want. The layout is 100% mobile-friendly, works in all browsers, and is ready for retina displays. 

You don’t have to worry about the technical details and good performance because the Editorial takes care of it all for your convenience. One cool thing about the theme is the sticky sidebar menu, which keeps navigation tools visible all the time.

5.) Headline


The Headline is a simple free magazine theme for Ghost that is also offered by the Ghost team. It works with Ghost 5 but is also compatible with Ghost 4.

The whole design is based on a full-screen image that makes your blog look better overall. You can also change the default look of Massively and personalize it down to the last detail. The headline has a clean, responsive design, nice fonts, built-in search, and frontage.

6.) Journal


Journal is a free journaling and magazine theme for Ghost 4 and 5. It’s a clean, typographic newsletter theme. It is an open-source theme distributed under the MIT license.

It looks great on mobile devices and has all of the great features that a fully sustainable blogging site would require.

7.) Liebling


Liebling is a stylish magazine theme for Ghost version 5 and Ghost version 4. Eduardo Gómez created it, and he ensured that it contains everything you need to run a modern magazine website with your Ghost installation.

Liebling includes RTL support, NTF card support, a custom subscription form, an image lightbox viewer, and a plethora of language options.

8.) Mapache


Mapache includes a number of home page layouts and post formats that make use of sidebars, headers, images, video, and other features. Mapache has six languages, light and dark modes, an Instagram feed, a 404 error page, members and subscriptions, and other features.

You also get an about page, social media buttons, and quite a collection of elements and components in the kit. Couple it with compelling texts, and you have a winning combination.

9.) Wisper


Whisper is a popular ghost theme that focuses on both the image and the content. This theme includes a built-in menu as well as a Disqus comment feature. It is a modified version of the Casper theme with no main header.

When you click on Posts from the homepage, a new page slides out from the right side. All content posts are made accessible by their titles and publish dates. The design is quite straightforward.

10.) Jamie Solo


Jamie Solo is an open-source Ghost theme designed specifically for solo bloggers like me. It has a clean, simple design that is focused on text-heavy content written by a single author. Jamie Solo is a good choice for technical blogs.

The design is completely responsive, cross-browser compatible, and retina-ready. You don’t have to worry about technicalities or excellent performance because the Editorial team handles everything for you.

To Sum Up

If you have any other open-source, free Ghost themes that we didn’t mention here, please let us know. Besides if you want to buy any premium ghost themes for your upcoming ghost blog then visit our themes gallery here-

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