Hey there! Considering to start your first blogging website? You got confused to select the best platform for you, right? No worries! We are here and you are in the right place; so nothing to worry at all. Well, I don’t think that I should discuss what blogging actually is because since it has become a very common concept to most of you. Yeah, you people got the idea as you are living in the age with the dominance of the Internet. Almost any with having an internet connection and computer can start blogging.  Furthermore, you need to consider the most convenient platform for your blogging journey to be smooth and easy-going.

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On top of all these, you at first need to do proper research on certain points regarding blogging. For example, you need to consider some issues, for example, whether the platform is easy to use or not, monetization, appearance, design, search engine optimization, pricing and many other things. And taking all these facts into consideration, my suggestion would be to begin your blogging with Ghost.  If so, then you’re probably trying to work out whether it’ll be a good decision for you or not – and that is why we wanted to assist you for making that process a little bit easier.

Scroll down and you will find as many details as we will squeeze onto one page to offer you a summary of why Ghost is thought to be better for the beginners. We’ll also offer you straight-up reasons for choosing this for your website.

In a sense, Ghost may be considered as a fast and modern WordPress alternative which puts the thrill back to blogging. Have a look at the whole article to know more about Ghost.

Why should You Consider Using Ghost?

If you are looking for a platform that increasingly attempts to try to everything and do not mind cutting through the noise to form it work for your publishing needs, then WordPress could be suitable for you.

But if performance, security, the cost to run and an honest publishing experience are important to you, keep reading. If you’re disgusted wading through menus and navigating complex options that you simply never use, we have got news for you: So were we.

Let’s be real here: WordPress may be a popular tool, employed by many of us to achieve a huge number of things. But if you are a serious publisher and you care about the experience you and your team have a day at work, you’ll probably do better!

Why Is Ghost considered to be better?

Let’s start by discussing what Ghost does an equivalent. One among the foremost loved features of WordPress is that it is open-source and versatile, and Ghost has the precise same setup. The most significant point to notice is that Ghost is explicitly focused on doing one thing well: And that is ‘Publishing’. Everything revolves around your content!

Ghost comes with all of the tools you want to increase direct relationships together with your audience or even generate predictable sales out of your work.

Registration forms, member management, payments, subscriptions and email newsletters are built-in: without any additional plugins or fees!

Following Are the Reasons to go for Ghost:

1. Ghost Is More Affordable

Ghost has brought the opportunity of the best-hosted carrier in the business, called Ghost (Pro). It’s similar to going for walks on a fully-managed web hosting carrier with a dedicated Content Delivery Network. You get the same top-notch infrastructure and exquisite support, whether you currently acquire some thousand views or you’re already up to tens of millions.

2. Ghost Comes with SEO

What’s the factor in publishing if nobody reads your content?

Ghost has the fine support for search engine optimization and social sharing functions of any blogging platform in the world. You don’t need any more plugins or extensions, and you don’t need to jot down any more code. It simply works. It gives you the extra benefit but providing SEO Optimizing options for your blog.

3. Social Built-in Features

There are many more facilities in Ghost than WordPress. Built-in Google AMP pages, canonical tags, XML sitemaps, Google AMP pages, canonical tags, optimized URLs, microformats, Facebook Open Graph tags, support for Twitter cards and clean semantic markup are featured by Ghost themes.

4. Ghost Gives Faster Service

The speed of your blog is a very important factor. It has a great impact on your search engine ranking and mobile user engagements as well. Getting up and running with WordPress takes more time than Ghost. But the ghost makes your publication easier and faster.  Ghost can respond faster than other platforms like WordPress. 

5. Ghost Comes with More Updated Tools

If you want to design a beautiful and eye-catchy blog for yourself or your business, then you should use ghost themes.  WordPress comes only with the basic blogging tools but Ghost has many tools that you might need to use for the improvement of your blog. You can easily customize and modify your site with Ghost as many times as you want, although the non-coders find it a bit difficult to customize in ghost.

6. Ghost Comes with Awesome Functionality and Design

Ghost will make your whole journey of blogging smoother and easier. It comes with an easy system and interface. So, the beginners won’t even find it difficult in navigating its slick and minimal interface. It also comes with a wide range of different apps. With the well-designed themes of Ghost, you can easily attract your readers to come more often to your site and read your blogs frequently. So, Ghost helps you to spice up your website to a great extent.

7. Ghost Is a Hassle-free Blogging Platform

This platform is fairly easier than other platforms to use. The reason is that setting up a self-hosted blog would be too much hard for the beginners. Moreover, the advanced users are free to go for the trial and integrate the platform with any kind of app or tool of their preference. If you choose self-hosting then, you will get additional control over your site but you have to manage the domain name and hosting by yourself. On the other hand, If you use Ghost Pro, then it will manage all these things for you but you need to pay for it.

Why Should You Prefer Ghost Rather Than Choosing Other Platforms?

It is very difficult to say which would be the best between Ghost and other platforms for blogging. But when it comes to the fact of selecting the blogging platform for the beginner then obviously my vote goes for Ghost. Besides, if you are looking for a smart and easy blogging tool for your blog, then Ghost will be the best pick for you as it will let you publish posts and format them with SEO optimization and social sharing options as well. Moreover, it is way easier to master and use than WordPress. It does not even need any configuration.

On the other hand, Ghost is now being widely used by people. Sometimes the pricing model might not be affordable for many Ghost users but its functionality surpasses that in many cases. Ghost includes many integrations for example plugins, including Facebook Open Graph, Twitter cards, optimized URLs, Google Amp pages and other essential SEO features within a good and affordable price. Furthermore, In comparison to some other alternatives, Ghost is preferred for its lightweight and also for being very responsive.


  • Open source and free software
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Extremely fast
  • Manage ghost hosting available in an affordable price
  • Includes many integrations
  • Responsive and lightweight
  • Tool adding options
  • Lots of Awesome themes available for ghost cms


  • Difficult to customize for the non-coders
  • No formal third-party plugins
  • Lacks free hosting plans
  • Expensive premium plan or Ghost Pro
  • Problematic to set up self-hosting

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Last Thought

We all are different in nature and choice, so you may definitely go for any of the platforms according to your preference. It depends on the nature of the goal or target that your blog is made for. Still, I would suggest Ghost as it comes in both free and premium versions and hosted by servers and self-hosted forms. For many different reasons, Ghost gives you more options to have SEO settings, social sharing, features, fast workability, unique functionality and many other exciting tools that have made it better than WordPress in many ways. Though you have to compromise in terms of flexibility, still Ghost is undoubtedly a great choice if you are expecting a blogging focused platform. At last, it can be said that you just need to keep your mind on both the advantages and disadvantages while choosing your suitable blogging platform. I hope, this piece of article has helped to get the overall idea about Ghost as one of the best blogging platforms for the starters. As you are already on a website where different trendy and amazing themes are available, then why not check out some for your blogs?

Visit our ghost theme archive and jump to the site to have your hands on the wide range of Ghost themes. And you can definitely try these themes for your website as they come at an affordable price with awesome functionality!

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