What language do you need to know?

Ghost makes use of HTML coding and JavaScript coding in its platform. Since the only need here is to customize a pre built ghost theme, HTML is the only required language one needs to know.

The Ghost platform has something called “Learning Handlebars”. As the name implies, this helps new users learn the hang of the platform and how to use Ghost. The guys behind Ghost keep updating the section so there is something new to learn all the time. By making use of “Learning Handlebars” you can make static HTML and CSS needed for themes or edit themes that already exist. With the expressions from “Learning Handlebar” you can just substitute the expressions in when there is a need for dynamic data. One instance is {{title}} which is a Handlebar expression for the term title. You can just copy this in when there is a need for this term. A Handlebar expression is always encased in curly braces – either two of three of them – so figuring them out is an easy task.

If you want the blogging platform to know that the HTML files are meant to be used as themes, then it is necessary to make use of “.hbs” file extensions. The way the platform works is that some files need to be named in specific file names. All of these files are used by other areas in the blog.

These theme templates are hierarchical. In simple terms, 1 template can extend to the next one so that the basic HTML code will not need to be repeated. Ghost also supports half templates so there is the possibility to share the HTML blocks with other templates. Thanks to these possibilities, you can reduce the replication of code and ensure that all the templates are directed to do one job instead of being all over the place. This has the added benefit of making the theme light in weight and maintenance a simple task.

While Ghost has a different way of handling the programming aspect of its blogging platform but when mastered and with a knowledge in HTML, it is much easier to handle and to edit or make Ghost platforms. There are plenty of pre existing themes that one can make use of to start off with and since editing them is not much of a task, there is not much stopping you from getting started on your next writing blog using Ghost’s platform.

Ghost, the blogging platform has quickly emerged to be a popular option among bloggers, photographers, magento development company and just about anyone in the creative industry. With a minimalistic interface that makes it easy to use and interact, it is a delight to use. However, it does require a bit of programming knowledge, even if it is just for customizing an already built theme on the platform. If you are not hire magento developer and plan to do it yourself, here is all you need to do.

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