NitroPack is a great way to optimize and speed up your WordPress Website. In that tutorial, we explained how to use NitroPack and how it works to boost up the website performance. Website optimization is a crucial part of any WordPress website to make it more appealing to its users. Users are often annoyed when a website takes a long time to load. To avoid this and skyrocket the page loading speed, we will discuss a plugin called NitroPack. To dive deeper into the topic, let us first understand: What is NitroPack?  NitroPack is an all-in-one solution you need to optimize and speed up the performance of your website. It is a robust, lightweight, and up-to-date service which acts as a speed booster for your WordPress Website.

How to speed up your WordPress site by NitroPack?

NitroPack inspects the Google PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse results for your WordPress website. Then it runs its optimization robot to optimize your WordPress website and achieve speedy operations. All the optimizations performed by NitroPack take place on the cloud server. Be it Image optimization, Caching, CDN, etc. NitroPack provides you will all the optimization services.

What features will I get upon using NitroPack for my WordPress website?

NitroPack is packed with features that are handy and do not require any additional configuration. The functionalities provided are as follows:
Perfect Google PageSpeed Score 
Upon completely configuring the NitroPack IO, it is capable of delivering a 100 Google PageSpeed score. It performs parallel optimizations using different approaches. The best approach is selected to achieve the desired outcome and speed up the website. NitroPack ensures that all of your pages and website are stable while this process takes place.
Amazon CloudFront CDN
NitroPack automatically enables CDN for the fonts in your website, CSS, JavaScript, and other Image files. It serves all these static assets via HTTP2 from the nearest edge location of Amazon.
HTML, CSS & JS Minification
NitroPack servers handle all the heavy HTML, CSS, JS, and Image Optimization. Thus, your website will not have to any loads and will remain free and fast to speed up your WordPress Site
Advanced Caching Mechanism
NitroPack keeps most of your website pages optimized at all times and ensures a high cache hit ratio. It comes with tons of advanced features like Smart cache invalidation, Automatic cache warmup, Device and cookie-aware caching, Browser, and session-aware caching, which are beneficial for high traffic situations like campaigns. These features allow you to keep updating your site while still serving your clients.
Complete Image Optimization
NitroPack ensures that all the images on your website are automatically optimized with having high quality and minimal weight. It handles the entire image optimization process and provides you with features like Lossy and lossless image compression, Advanced Lazy loading, Preemptive image sizing, WebP conversion, and Adaptive Image Sizing.
Speed up your WordPress website using NitroPack: The best website Speed Booster of 2021
Website Performance : 99/100

Installation and Configuration

NitroPack is extremely easy to set up and configure. All you need to do is follow the five steps that are stated below:
  1. Click here to begin downloading a zip file that contains the NitroPack files. Save it on your computer.
  2. Go to your WordPress Website and navigate to your website’s dashboard. Select the plugin option and select “Add new.” Browse and select the file you just downloaded and click on “Install Now.”
  3. You will now need to connect your website with NitroPack. To do this, go to and create an account with all the required details.
  4. Log in to your NitroPack account, and you will see a “Connect Your Website” menu on the left side. Click on the option, and it will direct you to Site ID and Site Secret.
  5. Navigate back to your WordPress website’s dashboard and go to the ‘Settings’ option. Find the NitroPack option and enter your Site ID and Site Secret and click on “Connect to NitroPack.”

Voila! You have now successfully installed the NitroPack plugin on your WordPress website to speed up your WordPress

The configuration is straightforward as well and requires zero technical knowledge. All you need to do is select your desired optimization level from the options: Standard, Medium, Strong or Ludicrous. Once you set your preference, NitroPack manages the rest.

All of the NitroPack features are built-in and require no additional plugins. Thus, it is indeed a must-have for your WordPress website to speed up your WordPress Website.

If you still need any help to configure NitroPack to speed up your WordPress Website, Feel free to contact us.

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