Ghost is a new open-source blogging platform that is much more lightweight (and prettier if you ask me) than WordPress. It’s a rapidly growing content management cms, especially for blogs.

Ghost CMS is constantly developed, and new features are being added regularly. When we release a new update for a theme, you will get an email with useful information about the update, like what is new in this version (features added, bugs fixed..) as well as a list of files that were changed in this version (new files, updated files, deleted files). This information can also be found in each theme’s changelog.

The process of Updating Your Ghost themes is very easy. In this post, we discuss this matter step by step. Now let’s see how the process of updating your Ghost themes-

  1. Download and backup the current theme
  2. Update the theme
  3. Zip and Upload the new version

1. Download and backup the current ghost themes:

update Ghost Themes

For your safety purpose, you need to save your previous ghost themes. The download and backup processes are given below,

  • First of all download the theme zip file from your Ghost Admin area.
  • Go to Settings → Design → Theme → ChangeThemes.
  • Press Download, this will prompt you to save the theme zip file.
  • Next, unzip the downloaded file so you will be able to work within the directory.
  • Download the latest version of the theme and also unzip this one in a separate directory.

2. Update the theme:

Now that you have a backup and unzipped the theme (current and new version), let’s start with the update process. When you are done with all the files the update process is done.

image 2 1 Themeix

3. Zip and upload the new version:

Once all the steps above are done, you can zip the theme directory and upload this in the Ghost admin area. Settings → Theme. Press Upload a theme and in case you get a prompt, click Overwrite.

image 2 2 Themeix

Select the theme file to upload from your computer. After the theme uploads, choose whether you want to activate it or not. Your theme is now updated!

image 2 3 Themeix

If you follow the steps properly in your ghost website then you will be able to change your previous theme correctly. I hope, this article will help you to Update The Ghost Themes of your blog. Besides getting a premium theme for your ghost blog check out our best collection! Jump here

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