Ghost is a powerful CMS designed for bloggers, and one of the most interesting features is the ability to easily switch themes to refresh your site’s appearance. Ghost’s default theme, Casper, looks great, but if you want to personalize your website, you can easily install a ghost theme from third-party vendors like ThemeForest or create your own custom theme using the official documentation. The choice is yours, and it’s super easy to do! In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you how to install a new theme and breathe new life into your blog!

Step 1: Selecting the Perfect Ghost Theme

To get started with the installation, find the perfect theme for your Ghost blog. Explore various websites offering both free and premium themes. Take your pick from the options available, choosing a theme that matches your blog’s style and content effortlessly. It’s super easy to do you can simply buy a ghost theme from themeix, we have a huge collection of premium ghost themes in various categories.

Step 2: Download the Theme Files

After selecting your desired theme, the next step is to download it. If it’s a premium theme, make sure to purchase it first, and then proceed with the download. For free themes, you can directly download the theme package to your computer. These theme files usually come in a compressed format like .zip. Remember to note the location where you save the downloaded file for easy access in the next steps.

Step: Sign in Your Ghost Admin Dashboard

Once you have downloaded the theme, the next step is to log in to your Ghost admin panel to install it. Simply open your preferred web browser and enter the URL of your Ghost blog ( From there, use your admin information to sign in and gain access to the Ghost admin dashboard. It’s that simple!

Step 4: Go to the Themes Section

Once you’ve successfully logged in to the Ghost admin panel, navigate to the Themes section by clicking on Settings > Design. From there, click on the Change theme option to access the theme management page effortlessly.

install a ghost theme

Now Click Change the Ghost Theme Option

change ghost themes options

Step 5: Install the Theme

After coming to the theme change file page now you need to click the “Upload theme” button near the Advanced option in the right corner. Just click on “Upload a theme,” select your theme’s zip file, or drag and drop it from your computer. Then, click “Open” to start the upload process. Wait a few moments for the upload to finish, which may vary depending on your theme’s size and internet speed.

upload ghost theme

Step 6: Activate Your Theme

After the theme finishes uploading, a confirmation message will appear. Click the “Save” button to complete the upload. To check if your theme is active, click the “Advanced” button. If it’s already active, that’s great! If not, simply click the “Activate” button to make it live on your blog.

active ghost themes

Step 7: Customize the Theme

After the Activation of the Ghost theme, it is time to customize it to your own choice. The customization options may vary depending on the theme you chose. You can change colors, fonts, layouts, and even add your own logo. Play around with these options until your blog looks just the way you want it.

Step 8: Preview and Publish

Before publishing your ghost blog, take a moment to preview it. Click the View Site button to see how your blog looks with the new theme. If everything looks good, you’re all set to publish it for everyone to see. It is very process to publish a blog website with ghost cms.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, installing a Ghost theme on your Ghost website is a simple and effective way to give your blog a fresh and unique look. With just a few easy steps, you can explore a wide range of themes, upload your chosen design, and customize it to match your preferences. Elevate your blogging experience today with a captivating theme that reflects your brand and captivates your audience. Happy blogging!

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