Customer service is at the core of every business and is as critical as providing a great customer experience. By through your customer satisfaction and recurring sales, outstanding customer service will take your company to the next level. If you are a website owner, a live chat feature on your website is a must to converse with your customers in real-time and lead them to your conversion target. Research shows, 38% of customers are more likely to buy from your company if you provide a live-chat feature on your website. So, you must consider the value added by live-chat feature. Have your eyes on this shop for the best modern ghost themes.

Now, only one question is left to ask: how to add live chat to the Ghost site? Okay, in today’s guide, you’ll find out how to use a simple and straightforward method to follow.

Benefits of having a live chat option on your ghost site

We wanted to share some of the benefits of having a live chat system on your web site at first. Visitors who interact with your site via chat are worth 5 times more than others who don’t. Many benefits to come from having a way to talk live are:

  • Instant conversion thanks to instant query resolution
  • Provide better data-driven customer & visitor assistance
  • Improve customer loyalty through building a support history
  • Get a strategic edge over the rivals
  • Long-term total cost reduction in your customer support
  • And then some…

How to choose your live chat system?

There are many different types of live chat options for websites out there already. We will cover a free live chat website for you in this tutorial. We will be using the Tawk.To Live Chat to introduce a free live chat feature on Ghost.

login screen twak to Themeix

Until we go to practice, let’s see some of Tawk.To‘s key features.

  1. Effective in handling online customer engagement
  2. Compatible for all existing browsers
  3. Can manage websites and agents via a single dashboard GUI
  4. Real time surveillance and automated triggers
  5. Guaranteed encryption
  6. Unlimited agents, file transfer, blogging, and much more

Now let’s get going!

Implementing free live chat for ghost

So, now we know why it is important to have a live chat feature. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to execute an option for free live chat to develop your conversion rate and more.

Step 1: Create Tawk.To Account

To sign up and create a FREE account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up at 
  2. Log in to the Dashboard:
  3. You will be prompted with a Setup Wizard
  4. Follow the Steps in the Wizard to add the widget to your site

Step 2: Create a Property & Choose Widget from the Tawk.To Dashboard

Here, you need to create a property from your Tawk.To dashboard after successful login/account creation. Then, you click on the dashboard button.

Admin Section Themeix

There, you will see all the information available on the Tawk.To dashboard, such as live visitors, chat information, page visitor information and more. But before that, you need to create a property for your specific site to see these pieces of information for your site. Just navigate to the Administration section of your Tawk.To dashboard. There is a button that will allow you to create your property. From here add your property details such as Property Name and Site URL. After that, the Tawk.To widget will be prompted for download. Copy the Chat Widget code from there.

Step 3: Connect the to the ghost

Now it’s time to connect the Tawk.To on your ghost site.  For this, you have to open ghost adnmin dashboard and then click on Code Injection. Then paste the chat widget code in Site Footer area and Save. Finally, the live chat will be available on your site.

You Have Successfully Enabled Live Chat Option on Your Ghost Website

Congratulations! Now you just have enabled live chat on your Ghost website. From now on, your visitors will be able to interact with the live chat icon, ask you questions, etc. You can easily test it by going to your site’s frontend, and you’ll see a live chat widget in your screen’s bottom-right corner.

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As you can see in this tutorial, it is very easy and free to add live chat to your Ghost site. It is just a plug & play system that can be introduced by anyone. If you’re looking for more tutorials like this on how to get the most out of your Ghost site, check out the blogs section of our dedicated tutorials, as well as our great products.

And what’s keeping you waiting? Hurry up and add live chat feature if you don’t have one on your web, increasing your conversion rate and more! If you want to get a trendy theme for your smooth blogging experience, then visit our ghost  theme archive.

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