Subscription forms are an important part of Ghost, especially now that it has the membership feature, which lets you grow an email or member list. Most themes come with subscription forms already set up. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how you can customize these forms and even add them to any post. At least, Ghost subscription forms let you collect the email addresses of people who visit your site. The addresses are added to the member’s list in the Ghost admin panel after the user confirms their address using a link sent by email.


We know that putting a contact form on your website gives your readers a way to get in touch with you while they are reading your posts. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a Ghost blog, add a custom theme, and use Getform to add a custom contact form right into your Ghost theme.

How to Create a Ghost Subscribe Form

Step 1: Get your form HTML

First of all, you will need the form. If you use Ghost’s own features for members and newsletters, you’ll have to make HTML (see below). If you use a service like Mailchimp or Email Octopus that offers an embed code, copy that.

Step 2: Create an HTML card and paste your form


In the Ghost editor, type / and click the HTML card. Just copy and paste the HTML code for your form, and you’re done. You can add forms to any post and move them wherever you want (you can drag HTML cards within a post in the editor).

Here is the Ghost newsletters form for the default Ghost theme, Casper:

<form data-members-form="subscribe">    <div class="form-group">        <input class="subscribe-email" data-members-email placeholder="[email protected]" autocomplete="false" />        <button class="button primary" type="submit">            <span class="button-content">Subscribe</span>            <span class="button-loader">{{> "icons/loader"}}</span>        </button>    </div>    <div class="message-success">        <strong>Great!</strong> Check your inbox and click the link to confirm your subscription.    </div>    <div class="message-error">        Please enter a valid email address!    </div></form>

Top Five Contact Forms Builders for Ghost

There are many contact forms for Ghost, but these are the five most popular. If you’re looking for a contact form that can fit your needs, these are the five best options.

1.) FormBucket

FormBucket has a lot of features, from the most basic to the most advanced. It has everything you need, like a searchable database, autoresponders, and more. FormBucket doesn’t offer different pricing plans. Once you sign up for their service, all features and an unlimited number of form submissions are included.

It may be the easiest and simplest to use. No registration is needed, and you can send in as many submissions as you want from as many forms as you want for free.

2.) FormSpree


FormSpree is one of the most used contact form services among Ghost users and Ghost theme developers. It’s easy and straightforward, and their slogan, “Use your own HTML, Javascript, and CSS,” says it all. Submit to our API and we’ll manage the rest.”

FormSpree has a free plan that lets you get up to 50 submissions a month, which is usually enough for a small website. There are also paid plans with more generous limits and features like custom rules that let you control how your form submissions are sent.

3.) Basin


Basin is a contact form service that resembles a company more than a simple tool. Basin provides a safe, user-friendly dashboard where you can filter and search through form submissions in addition to receiving them by email. You’ll also find necessary features like simple form creation, spam protection, and field validation.

Basin has fully customizable email templates, connectors, and tight privacy controls. However, they provide a free plan with up to 100 entries a month, making it a wonderful solution that may grow as your demands do.

4.) FormSubmit


FormSubmit may be the king of simplicity and usability. There is no need to register, and unlimited submissions from infinite forms are supported for free.

FormSubmit is a wonderful alternative for individuals looking for the fundamentals, as it has simple settings and does not require the creation of an account. However, there are a few more complex and useful capabilities, such as file uploading and ajax support, that make it a superb all-around solution.

5.) FormBackend


FormBackend is one of the more comprehensive contact form solutions. While their claim is “send emails via a form on your website – without writing a single line of backend code,” they provide more than meets the eye.

FormBackend offers all of these features, as well as multi-user support, email customization, and a comprehensive API, at a price that is quite fair. You may also direct form submissions to Slack, ZenDesk, and other applications.

To Sum Up

This capability is essential for any website, and while it is included in the majority of themes, it is not extensively documented elsewhere, leading theme developers to assume that they included everything. By reading this text, you will comprehend the functionality in its entirety. Best of all, the ghost-theme-utils package will perform the heavy lifting for you. If you want to learn more about this matter then visit our blog here-

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