MarketSplash Shared a review about themeix for their recent Ghost Multi-Language Project.

Hey guys.

Just wanted to share a quick story of how we localized our Ghost publication into 6 additional languages, in case some of you might find it helpful.


  • We decided to localize our marketing & design publication MarketSplash.
  • Reasons: 1) reaching a global audience and growing our site faster and 2) SEO experimentation.

MarketSplash is running on Ghost Pro + Shoji theme by Fueko 5 (btw, it’s awesome  )

At the very beginning, we ran a quick research and stumbled on the official help doc that Ghost team wrote up for anyone who wants to localize their sites. Key takeaways were: 1) this seems doable and 2) we need dev help.

We also emailed Ghost Pro official support, and got this reply:

“It would indeed be possible to set this up in a single Ghost site. To achieve this, you’d need to setup individual content collections for each language using our Dynamic Routing feature, filtered by tag (e.g. a tag for each language), as described in our tutorial.

You would also want to set up individual template files for each language collection, so the proper language can be set in the code, e.g. the <html lang="de"> for example, as well as the translated bits of theme text, as you would not be able to use a locale for the translations. Locales should only be used when changing the site to a language other than English (from within the General Settings fo Ghost Admin), rather than offering multiple languages of content.

Given the advanced nature of this type of setup, you could also use a third-party service such as WeGlot, which makes the setup slightly easier to achieve, utilizing subdomains as opposed to subdirectories.

Let me know if this helps answer your questions. If you have others, just let us know.”

–  Ghost Pro official support

At that point, we realized that we definitely need help with the custom dev 

Sarah from Ghost recommended that we check out their expert’s directory of vetted freelancers/agencies. There are just a few companies/individuals in there, and so we just emailed all of them.

The Themeix ( ) guys were the most responsive & helpful and assured us that they can handle the project, and so we went ahead.

I’m not technical, and so going to skip all the dev details (which I don’t fully understand anyway).

Long story short, within a few weeks, we got the localized theme. Under the new setup, the posts are filtered based on the tag. For example, all the German posts on MarketSplash live under the URL marketsplash dot com/de/ and all Italian content lives under marketsplash dot com/it/.

There’s a language widget at the bottom of each parent page, allowing the visitors to switch languages (disclaimer: we added the language-widget at the bottom because it’s unlikely that English-speaking audience will ever discover/land on the localized page; the reason is that 95% of our audience discover our content through organic search).

There were a bunch of minor issues like site search not working, or page titles not displaying correctly, but the Themeix guys were very gracious and helpful, and helped us to iron out all the issues.


  • ± 1 month in total (2 weeks of dev)
  • ± $500 in custom dev costs
  • ± Very smooth process

Thanks to:

  • Ghost support for being helpful and responsive
  • Themeix guys for doing all the heavy lifting
  • Fueko for developing the theme

Thanks for sharing your experience in detail about Ghost Multi-Language project. It was bit complex work but we are happy to make you happy.

Founder, Themeix

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