Ghost CMS has a lot of features already and the most popular feature is Ghost Membership, Email Newsletter, Post Preview Control etc. Along with the improved design and a fresh look, it consists of many handy features. Let us know more about some of these features in this article. 

Modern Dashboard

Ghost Admin Dashboard
Ghost Admin Dashboard with Dark Mode

Ghost Admin Dashboard is typically your very own control panel that gives you an exclusive insight into the content and the audience’s engagement with your content. This information lets you understand and identify what works well. You can track this performance, tweak your content, and plan accordingly. 

Ghost Memberships, Subscriptions, and Email newsletters

Ghost Memberships, Subscriptions, and Email newsletters are no longer in Beta testing and are finally a part of Ghost in version 4. Ghost has made it easy to manage memberships and subscriptions based on your business type. A new ghost membership portal UI is added, which is compatible with every theme. Publishers who have used this feature have generated more than $2 million per year in revenue. 

ghost portal Themeix
Ghost Portal UI

Moreover, Email newsletters allow users to connect and engage with their audience and understand their preferences. This feature adds a personal touch to the business, helping it thrive. 

The new starter plan priced at $9/mo with Ghost Membership

Using Ghost pro has never been this accessible and affordable. You can get your site up and running in just a few clicks, all charged at $9. This plan offers users the following benefits:

Ghost Membership Pricing Plan
Ghost Pro Hosting Pricing
  • 1 staff user
  • Up to 500 members
  • Custom domain support.
  • Official Ghost Themes
  • Server maintenance and backup services. 
  • Worldwide CDN and automatic SSL certificate. 
  • Manage Ghost instances. 

The Post Preview feature

ghost post preview Themeix
Post Preview Option in Post

In Ghost CMS, you can navigate to the post settings and hit the post preview option to check exactly how your post will look when it goes live on the website. Users will get to see what their post will look like on a web, mobile screen, laptops, emails, search results, etc., on a single platform. This feature allows you to proofread and polish your posts before actually publishing them. You can send the preview link to others to get feedback too. 

Content Snippets and Public Preview

ghost public preview Themeix
Public Preview Option In Post

Users do not need a media library anymore. Ghost 4.0 enables you to save images, quotes, post outlines, embeds, whatever you use most, and use it as a reusable snippet. To store these snippets, use the new snippet button to highlight the content you wish to re-use in the future. You can call this piece of snippet in any other post whenever needed.  

Public Preview allows you to divide the visibility of content according to the type of users. You can keep some portion of your content visible to the logged-in members and offer all the other content only to paid members. This feature has the capacity to drive up the signups for your website. 

It is very helpful for the Membership website where you need control of post content visibility. Everything is possible in the ghost post editor, which is very helpful for the publishers.

Automatic responsive images and lazy loading

Ghost CMS is capable of automatically resizing the images according to the device used. Instead of loading all the images used in a website at the start of the session, the Lazy loading technique defers loading these images until they are required. 

These features make the overall user experience more responsive, improve the front-end performance significantly, and better utilize the device resources. 

Ghost has made every effort in their newly launched version to include all facilities that will make building and managing websites straightforward. 

Convert the clicks into contacts, fund your work with the revenue you rightly deserve and analyze your content and customer engagement using the new features offered by Ghost. 

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