Ghost is a popular platform for creating and managing online publications. One of its most powerful features is the ability to segment subscribers using ghost member labels. You can organize your subscribers into groups and send targeted content to each group using member labels. In this blog post, we will talk about how to use Ghost’s member labels to divide subscribers into groups.

You can easily change your subscription form by adding an input element with the data-members-label attribute to your theme or an HTML card. This element can be customized to be visible or hidden, and it can take various forms, such as a checkbox, to allow subscribers to choose from multiple options.

<!-- Add a hidden input element for member label -->
<input data-members-label type="hidden" value="Your label" />
<!-- Add a visible input element for member label in the form of a checkbox -->
<input data-members-label type="checkbox" value="Your label" />

And after that, we’ll look at implementation methods, particularly for the checkbox version, which requires JavaScript to make it interactive and apply the label only when the user checks it.

Sign-up form with options for labels

Most of the time, it is making a list of labels and allowing users to choose which ones they want when they sign up. Here’s one way the code might look for such a form:

<div class="subscription-box">
  <h3>Subscribe now</h3>
	<form class="subscription-form" data-members-form="signup">      
		<!-- Predefined member labels -->
            <input type="checkbox" data-members-label value="Label 1">
            <span>Label 1</span>
            <input type="checkbox" data-members-label value="Label 2">
            <span>Label 2</span>
	  <!-- End of predefined member labels -->
		<input type="email" data-members-email placeholder="Email" required> 
	  <button class="btn" type="submit">Sign up</button>
	  <div class="success-message">Great! Check your inbox and click the link.</div> 
	  <div class="error-message">Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again.</div> 

The output of this code sniped

ghost member labels

In the signup process, the input> element with the data-members-label attribute is very important because it determines what the member’s label is.

The checked attribute, which can be removed to indicate an unchecked status, determines the checkbox status. For interactivity, the onChange event is used, which lets users click the checkbox to change the value of the data-members-label attribute. The label assigned during signup is dependent on the presence of this attribute. This method allows for multiple labels to be defined as needed.

Signup form with post tags as labels

You can also use your post tags as labels in your ghost cms blog, which you can do dynamically by changing your ghost theme‘s post layout (post.hbs).

The following code snippet generates labels from tags. Simply replace the labels section while leaving the rest of the form alone.

<!-- Member Labels from Tags -->
{{#foreach tags limit="3"}}
<input data-members-label type="checkbox" checked onChange="this.toggleAttribute('data-members-label')" value="{{name}}">
<!-- Member Labels from Tags-->

This code generates post-tag input fields. It loops through each tag, creating an input field with the tag name as the value. By adjusting the limit, you can limit the number of input fields that are created.

Signup form with post authors as labels

If a post has multiple authors, we can use a similar method to generate labels from the authors. The code for this should be placed within the #post/post context. The code is very similar to that used to create labels from tags. The only difference is that we’ll have to loop over the author’s object instead of the tags object.

<!-- Member Labels from Authors -->
{{#foreach authors limit="3"}}
<input data-members-label type="checkbox" checked onChange="this.toggleAttribute('data-members-label')" value="{{name}}">

<!-- Member Labels from Authors -->

You can change the limit to show more or fewer authors.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, using member labels to segment subscribers in Ghost cms is an effective method. You can enable your subscribers to select their areas of interest by creating member labels from post tags or authors, allowing you to deliver targeted content to them. This can lead to increased engagement and satisfaction among your subscribers. You can easily generate member labels and start segmenting your subscribers by following the guidelines provided and implementing the code within the #post /post context.

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