Ghost CMS is a popular platform for developing and managing blogs and publications. With a user-friendly interface and powerful editing capabilities, it is known for its simplicity and focus on content creation. Recently, Ghost announced a major update that includes new features designed to improve the user experience and help publishers maximize their content: membership, tiers, and an activity feed.

Date-based ghost membership filtering

ghost cms membership filtering option

Date-based member filtering is an awesome feature in Ghost that helps publishers sort their members by when they signed up or renewed. It can be used to send targeted messages or content to members based on when they joined or renewed their membership. This can help increase member engagement and retention.

Member engagement filtering

member engagement filtering in ghost

Member engagement filtering is another interesting feature in Ghost that allows you to filter your users depending on their levels of involvement, such as the number of logins, comments, or shares. This can be used to identify the most active and engaged members and provide them with targeted content or prizes. Member engagement filtering can help members retain their membership and develop a sense of community.

Membership tiers out of beta

Great news for Ghost CMS publishers! The long-awaited membership tiers feature has finally free from beta and is now fully functional. This feature allows publishers to build several tiers of membership, each with its own set of privileges. With membership tiers, publishers can offer exclusive content and perks to their members and make more money from their content.

Activity feed updates

Ghost CMS has made some exciting changes to its activity feed feature. With the new updates, authors can make feeds that can be customized for different types of content and tags. This makes it easier for readers to find the content that interests them. Also, readers can now see engagement metrics for each post directly in the activity feed, such as the number of views, likes, and comments. 

With these changes, publishers can keep their readers interested and up-to-date on their latest content in a more user-friendly way. Activity feed updates really helpful for those who are new to the ghost cms platform.


The new ghost membership, tier, and activity feed features are fantastic additions to the Ghost CMS platform. They give publishers more possibilities for selling their content and give readers a better user experience. Publishers can encourage readers to become members and support their work by providing special content and individual support. If you’re a publisher seeking a simple and minimalistic ghost theme for your blog or publication, then themeix is definitely worth considering.

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