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Doxy WordPress Changelog

Here is the details changelog of the Doxy WordPress Theme. If you don’t have the latest version please download it from your account.

V3.0.0 (16 June, 2019)
** Dropped CMB2 for the metabox
** ACF added for the metabox
** Editors and new features added in Doc
** Syntax Highlighter bug fixed
** New Add-ons added for elementor 

V2.2.0 (07 May, 2019)
** Breadcrumb added for the docs

V2.1.0 (27 April, 2019)
** Tons of New options added in theme option
** Child theme added

V2.0.0 (22 April, 2019)
** Support System Integrated  with Doxy Awesome Support
** QA Forum Integrated with DW Question & Answer
** Print Feature Added for the Docs
** Syntax Highlighter (Prism) Added
** Conditional Background Options for the Page/Post Header Added
** Un-necessary Code Removed
** Doxy Full Width Template Bug Fixed
** Single Doc Page Design and Functionality Improved
** Elementor Compatibility issue fixed
** Design Improved

V1.0.0 (20 April, 2019)
** Initial Release
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