Overview of Churel Premium Ghost Theme

Churel is a modern Ghost blogging Theme of Themeix which will offer you mind-blowing features for you website. It comes with both dark and light mode. It’s a perfectly suited package for personal blogging or corporate blogging which serves as the best ghost theme. Moreover, it will be your perfect choice for any type of creative blog and other relevant entities to build websites. However, Churel is a Ghost V3 Membership Ready Theme that anyone would like to have! This theme can make your website fly higher than your expectation.

Churel - Responsive Premium Ghost Theme


Churel got launched in the marketplace in December, 2019. It can be considered as the best ghost theme as it has an amazing look with dark mode and light mode which have made it unique.  It has a clean and modern look. It gives you plenty of opportunities to portray a direct responsive theme in a professional or personal way. It can save your time and make your tasks easier than ever before. Moreover, it gives you the flexibility that you have always demanded. Now, it will be easy for you to publish the details of your service and make the portfolios as well. It has many exciting features; for instance: dark mode and light mode, Ghost V3 membership enabled, SEO optimized structure, modern look, trendy, high-performance code, responsive, creative animation and so on. Undoubtedly, all of these features have made it one of the best ghost themes in the marketplace.

churel dark and light Themeix

Furthermore, it has an awesome and colourful look. Besides, the theme is fully responsive to different devices. You can easily customize your homepage as well as subpages by using Churel. It has both a light and a dark version. Most importantly, it can enhance and automate your workflow. It is based on the Bootstrap framework and suitable for all template. You can easily design your site from the footer to header the way you prefer. If you want all these features just in one theme, then you should definitely go for Churel. Moreover, it is Ghost V3 Membership Enabled Theme which is one of the excellent services that Themeix is providing to its customers.

Now let’s have a glimpse on the key features of Churel:

  • Dark and Light Mode
  • Ghost V3 Membership Enabled
  • Fully Responsive
  • Gscan Approved Theme
  • Infinite Load-post
  • Creative Animation
  • Developer-friendly Workflow
  • Tags Page and Authors page.
  • Featured Post Support
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Based on Bootstrap Framework
  • Google Fonts Support
  • Regular Updates
  • SEO Friendly
  • Clean Code
  • Ads Ready
  • Modern and Trendy
  • Online Documentation
  • Dedicated Support

churel gscan approved Themeix

The dark mode and light mode is the most attractive feature of Churel which have made it look different from other themes. On the other hand, V3 membership is another awesome feature that is offered by Themeix. These two along with other elements have turned this theme into one of the best ghost themes. However, please go through the next section of the article for detailed features.

Exclusive Churel Features:

Churel has a very well-organized view of contents and feature, which will definitely make your journey with the template very smooth. It doesn’t have any specific purpose. You can use in the corporate sector or for personal use as well. In addition to that, this template displays everything in a very detailed and informative way. It will certainly promote the relationship between you and your readers.

Dark mode and Light Mode

This is a unique feature of this theme. People can choose the effect they want. The theme  has two different colour variations.  If you like the dark mode, then you use it; whereas someone else may prefer the light mode. Dark mode undoubtedly provides you with soothing effect for your eyes. Moreover, you may change the mode whenever you wish. The mood-changing option has given the theme a very amazing look. You can switch the colour variation by using the given options.

Creative Animation

If you see the footer then you’ll notice the animated effect. It is a really very attractive feature especially for the young group of people. This Creative Animation has taken it away from ordinary themes.

Modern and Trendy

Nowadays everyone wants to be modern in all the sense. You’ll be glad to know that this template is very modern and trendy both in function and look. As a user, you will feel delighted by its appearance and other exciting features that have made it trendy.

Google Fonts Supported

Churel supports all the Google fonts. So, now you don’t have to worry about using the same fonts again and again. You may easily bring a little variation to the website by changing the fonts.

Content Focused

All the section of the theme is so attractive and informative that it automatically engages the visitors to the site’s purpose. Everything is given in so details that visitor would certainly enjoy being on the site.

Featured Image Supported

This option allows you to add support for using a representative image for posts, pages, or custom post types. Users can upload these images directly by clicking on the “set featured image” link. This is one of the most wanted features by the users and now it has become very easy for them.

Ghost V3 Membership Enabled

Now it is easy for you to start a membership business with Churel. People used to find it difficult to build a publication with membership and subscription. But now, it has become easy and affordable! It has been possible because this theme supports all the membership features.

Gscan Approved Theme

Passing codes successfully has been a great concern for many people. But now, you can be tension-free because, in Ghost official code scanner Gscan, all the code are passed successfully. Moreover, it is even prepared for the Ghost Version 3.x. You will be glad to know that, we have even added membership features in the theme so that it becomes easier for you.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Churel can function across different browsers and degrade gracefully when browser features are absent or lacking. Undoubtedly, this feature will make most of your tasks easy and comfortable. At the same time, it will save your time.

Bootstrap Framework

Churel is a Ghost theme based on Bootstrap Framework. The theme’s layout is simple and effective. So, you will find it very easy to use. By using this, the designing task has become very and simple for the users.

Search Friendly

Churel has necessary effective search features which will help you to search your desired posts and pages. This is added in a very simple way so that you don’t get stuck in one place. You have to just type the keywords and find it.

Tags Page, Authors Page and Full-Width Post/ Page

Additionally, this theme has tags and an author page as well. As a result, it gives more information about the author in the authors’ biography section. You can get to know about all the authors just on one page and one click. On the other hand, Tags page is another desired element which the users mostly look for and this theme fills this demand properly. You can see all the tags just in one page.  However, Full-width post or page gives the users exact satisfaction while using it for many different purposes. It has different view options for computer, tablet and mobile. And this feature makes it more user-friendly.

Developer Friendly Workflow

People always think that codes are beyond the understanding of the ordinary people who didn’t work with it. But Themeix has tried to put the codes in that template those very clean and human-readable. So, you can change the code whenever you want to. Moreover, it is developer-friendly. We have used Gulp to automate and enhance the workflow. It can automate painful or time-consuming tasks for development. There are SCSS, Gulp and NPM packages included in this theme.

SEO Friendly

Here comes another most wanted feature and that is the theme being SEO friendly. You will get meta tags and other on-page SEO work properly on this one. So, now you can be tension free about the ranking of your site.  It will definitely help you to be in a good position.

Top Quality and Dedicated Support

When it comes to the supporting issue, Themeix has been never away from you people. We have our dedicated support team to help our customers in whichever way they want. For getting help from the highly experienced support team, you just have to create a support ticket and then you’ll get a quick response from the dedicated support team. So, now your solution is just a phone call away!

Regular Updates

This amazing theme includes regular updates needed for situational use. It also has good maintenance service.  So, now you will get access to the updated versions in your download section. Thus, you can explore more exciting features as well.

W3C Validated

Validity is an important point while purchasing any template. Churel supports only those codes which are W3C validated and well prefixed. Nonetheless, you can get rid of the tension about its cross-browser compatibility. We validate our HTML files for compliance against the W3C standards and it even performs to assess code quality against best practices.

Ads Ready

Now giving advertise from your website will be easy with the help of Churel. So, if you want to give advertise from your website then this theme is a perfect choice for you.  You will find a custom ad slot for advertising whatever you want to advertise from your web site.

Infinite Load Post

Themeix is giving you one of the best ghost themes in the form of Churel. So, you don’t have to worry about counting down your post because now you can put an unlimited post on your website.


To sum up, it can be said that Churel is one of the best ghost themes. It offers many amazing services and features to its users. As a result, you will surely be satisfied with its performance. Undoubtedly, this creation of Themeix is incredible. Especially the light and dark mode and Ghost V3 membership are the main attraction of this theme. But only these two but also the other features are fruitful and effective for the users. You can design it in your way as it is flexible to use for personal or professional purposes. Moreover, It will give your website such an amazing look that has always been beyond your imaginatio

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