Ghost search plugins are a type of plugin that allows the user to search for content or particular things on your website. Ghost search plugins are often used by users who need to find particular files in a section or database or who request someone else to search through their belongings. This can be helpful if you want to find specific articles or pages you need to visit more often.

Search functionality is essential for finding information. By using search capabilities, people can quickly and easily find what they are looking for. This can be helpful in various ways, such as discovering new content or finding the right information when needed. Additionally, search functionality can help users stay organized and focused, which can benefit our busy lives.

Best Ghost CMS Search Plugins

Ghost is a popular online CMS that offers users a variety of search plugins. With Ghost, users can easily find the right plugin to fit their needs. Plugin developers can find popularity with Ghost due to its simple and intuitive user interface. The platform also offers an extensive plugin library, which makes it easy to find the right plugin for your needs. Below we discuss the top 5 best Ghost CMS search plugins and libraries-

1.) Native search (Ghost Official)

Ghost Native Search is a plugin that allows you to quickly and easily find the information you need on your website. This makes it perfect for businesses that need to keep track of customer information, products, and services. Ghost CMS Native Search also offers a variety of other features that can make your website more user-friendly, such as sorting by popularity, elevation, or by date.

This was one of the most-requested features, and now you can easily add a native search function to any Ghost theme. You can do it in two ways:

a.) Add a navigation link to #/search.

b.) By adding data-ghost-search to any Ghost element.

Both options produce the same result: clicking the element opens the search popup. The advantage of native search is that it’s easy to set up and doesn’t require you to know how to code.

2.) Fuse.js

Fuse.js is a powerful, lightweight fuzzy-search library with zero dependencies. The advantage of Fuse.js is that you don’t have to set up a separate backend just for the search function. Another advantage is that it is easy to use and works well. For example, we use this library in our most recent Ghost Themes.


  • Ghost Content API
  • An input field for the search
  • A Custom Integration

Ghost Content API a Custom Integration a search input field Basic options:

Basic options:

  • isCaseSensitive – specifies whether or not comparisons should be case-sensitive.
  • includeScore – Indicates if the score should be included in the result set.
  • includeMatches – Whether matches are to be included in the result set.
  • minMatchCharLength – only matches exceeding this length will be returned.
  • shouldSort – Indicates whether the result list should be sorted by score.
  • findAllMatches – When true, the matching function will continue searching until the end of the string, even if a perfect match has already been found.
  • keys – The list of keys to be searched.

A simple but powerful search library for Ghost that is available on GitHub. This package works with Ghost 3.0. This feature is great for finding specific websites and pages you might have missed while browsing the web more generally. It uses fuzzy sort under the hood.


  • API Ghost Content
  • A field for searching
  • Starting up the ghost-search library
  • Custom integration in Ghost Admin


  • url – URL of your custom integration(site)
  • key – Your custom integration content’s API key
  • version – v3 for Ghost 3.0 by default
  • input – The field’s id
  • results – The id of the element that should contain the results
  • button – The id of the element that will start the search. By default, this is empty because the search is done as you type.
  • defaultValue – you can set a default value for the input
  • template – The template used to render search result pages

4.) Ghost Finder

Are you looking for a search plugin to help you keep your content organized and easy to find? Then, check out the cms search! With cms search, you can easily find any content in your Ghost blog without searching through hundreds of posts. Plus, it’s free to use! This library functions similarly to the first one, also available on GitHub.


  • Add the script to your theme
  • Add the search input element
  • Create a search instance
  • Set Up a Custom Integration of Ghost Admin


  • input – the search input
  • showResult – The element in which the search results will appear
  • homeUrl – your site url
  • contentApiKey – the custom content API key
  • resultTemplate – the template for the results
  • singleResultTemplate – a single result template
  • excerpt length – the length of the excerpt (number)
  • time format – the format string for the date ‘MMM Do YYYY’

5.) Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter was the first search plugin that was made for Ghost. The biggest problem is that it uses jQuery, which would increase the size of the scripts you add to your website and slow it down.


  • include the script in your theme
  • setup a Custom Integration in the Ghost Admin


  • results – The JQuery ID of the element where search results should be placed
  • onKeyUp – set the value to true for instant search as you type.
  • result template – The handlebars template utilized to display the results
  • info template – Display the total number of search results
  • displaySearchInfo – shows the info template
  • subpath – Sets the website to a subfolder, such as “/blog.”
  • onPageLoad – Should indexing occur during the page load?
  • before – An event that happens before the result list is shown
  • onComplete – Occurrence after the results have been displayed.

To Sum Up

In conclusion,there are a variety of ghost CMS search plugins and libraries that can help make your search retrieval process faster and more efficient. Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-use plugin or a comprehensive library, then you can choose one of theme. Besides if you want to get premium ghost templates then visit our site here-

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