Drag and drop website builder is a tool that helps users to create and design websites by dragging and dropping various elements into a layout. Text, images, and buttons are examples of these elements. The user can rearrange these elements to create a unique website layout. Drag and drop website builders are the most popular alternative way to manual coding. Besides, it’s a very quick and easy way to create a basic website.

Anyone who knows how to use a computer and a mouse can use a drag-and-drop page builder. The most important requirement is that you own or want to own a website. We will discuss the benefits of drag-and-drop website builders before exploring the best website builders available.

Best Drag and Drop Website Builders

We already know that drag and drop website builder is a tool that allows users to easily create and customize their own websites by dragging and dropping pre-designed elements. Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace are some popular drag and drop website builders. Below we represent the top 8 drag and drop web page builders.

1.) Squarespace

drag and drop website builders

Squarespace is the best drag-and-drop website builder for freelancers (marketers, authors, bloggers, artists, designers, and so on) who are looking to build a professional website. There’s no need to look for a theme, download a separate builder plugin, or deal with security issues when you use Squarespace. Squarespace makes it simple to create and publish a simple website. However, it is not suitable for large corporate websites.


  • Beautiful website templates
  • Excellent blog Website analytics
  • Appointments and reservations


  • A small selection of templates
  • Lacks customizability


  • Personal ($16/mo): Free custom domain, 2 authors, and fundamental website analytics.
  • Business ($23/month): professional email, website analytics, gift cards, transaction charge of 3%.

2.) Webflow

Webflow website builder

Design, create, and launch are the simple steps for getting started with Webflow. It is a free drag-and-drop website builder that has the potential to significantly affect your consumers. Webflow is here to help you improve your online portfolio and provide reliable service information. Webflow is also ideally suited for commercial and eCommerce websites. You can create your page like an expert with quick, strong, and lightweight features. With over 1,000 available templates, you may experience true design flexibility.


  • Effective design tools
  • Hosting
  • Several plans
  • There are several demo templates.


  • Many (incredible!) features can be confusing.


  • Basic ($12/month): includes a custom domain, 0 CMS items, and 50GB bandwidth.
  • Business ($36/mo): Custom domain, 10,000 CMS articles, 400GB bandwidth, 10 guest editors

3.) Wix

Wix website builder

Wix is one of the most well-known drag-and-drop website builders. Unlike many builders, its drag-and-drop interface does not rely on columns. Instead, the editing process is similar to creating a Google Slide. Wix offers a variety of modules and design choices out of the box, helping you to rapidly build the perfect website you’re searching for. Wix is not a tool for developers, but any user will appreciate the ability to swiftly make the changes they need to their site in a familiar interface.


  • Easy and fast to edit
  • Out-of-the-box modules and design choices
  • Ideal for marketers


  • Wix ads (Free & Connect Domain plans)
  • Not flexible enough for developers


  • VIP ($24.50/mo): Unlimited bandwidth, 35GB storage, 5-hour video stream, logo.
  • Business VIP ($35/mo): 50GB storage, reward program, reviews, marketplace sales.

4.) Weebly

Weebly website builder

Weebly is a straightforward and quick website builder. The majority of drag and drop HTML website builders focus on user experience. They don’t want to spend time since learning how to use a tool takes time. Weebly provides its users with tools and services to make their website stand out online. When it comes to the best of the best, Weebly provides practical answers through its brand and marketing tools. Drag and drop functionality is essential in website development. A website creation platform should be open about the capabilities and limits of each function. When it comes to this, Weebly is genuine and honest.


  • Drag-and-drop design
  • Auto-save function
  •  SEO friendly
  • Great support


  • None is offered (but you can start with the free plan)
  • Basic themes
  • Limited customization options without coding experience


  • Pro ($12/mo): Unlimited storage, no advertisements, search, shopping cart, stats.
  • Business ($25/mo): Free domain, coupon codes, eCommerce (stats), pop-ups.

5.) GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy Website Builder

With the GoDaddy page builder, you may start with a template and rearrange sections by dragging and dropping them. You may add and change parts to customize your websites, such as picture galleries, pricing lists, menus, scrollable content blocks, and YouTube or Vimeo movies. You’ll also be able to alter the text, colours, styles, and font. It is very unique from any others drag and drop website builders. You may also switch between mobile and desktop layouts using the GoDaddy Website Builder. You may then design a website that is very responsive design for every device.


  • Excellent for beginners
  • Sections can be mixed and matched.
  • Editable mobile and desktop layouts


  • Customization options are limited.
  • Basic layouts
  • There is no free domain.


  • Basic ($9.99/mo): Custom domain, guide, analytics, 100 emails.
  • Premium ($14.99/mo): SEO optimization, 25,000 emails, recurrent appointments, email reminders.

6.) Zyro

Zyro website builder

Zyro is the other best drag-and-drop website builder for creating low-cost, user-friendly websites. Everyone, whether they have abilities or not, can do great things. If you need a speedy website design option, Zyro is your best bet. Its interface is very well, so there is no need to go through a learning curve to master it. On the go, you’ll understand the gist of it. And you’ll have a professional website ready to go in no time. When you acquire full access to Zyro, it truly is that quick.


  • AI applications
  • Ecommerce
  • Low-cost and simple to use
  • Email for business
  • Builder of landing pages


  • Transaction fee


  • Website ($2.69/mo): Unlimited bandwidth/storage, GA, live chat, remarketing, AI logo builder.
  • Business ($3.59/mo): Unlimited bandwidth/storage, online payments, 100 goods, 1 per cent sale charge.

7.) Elementor

Elementor website builder

Elementor is a WordPress content management system website builder. Elementor highlights that their tool makes it simple to design your page and generates clean code on the back end, ensuring that your site performs properly.

Thousands of developers have contributed to the development of Elementor, creating themes and other add-ons to make it a more usable tool. Elementor has a nice feature that allows you to develop forms within the page builder and quickly link them with your marketing automation platforms to produce more leads for your business.


  • Front-end editing is simple.
  • Back-end code cleanliness
  • Drag-and-drop form builder


  • Can slow your site
  • Unable to highlight text


  • Essential ($49/year): Custom domain, guide, analytics
  • Advanced ($99/year): SEO optimization, guide, analytics

8.) Jimdo

Jimdo website builder

Jimdo is free to use, but it also has an unlimited membership for $39/month that enables you to build up to five websites with limitless pages and storage. Jimdo’s drag-and-drop website builder has several features such as drag-and-drop design, scripting, and simple templates.


  • It works with other programs, such as Mailchimp.
  • Excellent SEO capabilities straight out of the box.
  • Design that is responsive.
  • Modern design templates.


  • There are just a few templates available.
  • There is no import/export functionality.
  • There is no support for multilingual websites or blogs.
  • There is no customer chat assistance available. 24/7.


  • Starting: Free for beginner
  • Advanced ($39/month): Five websites with limitless pages and storage

To sum up

A drag and drop website builders allow website owners to handle content and campaigns without developer assistance. On the other hand, combine simplicity for marketers with flexibility for developers who may wish to add custom modules or change global settings. Choosing the correct page builders for your company may help create, design, manage, and optimize your website for your specific audience.

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