Are you looking for the best Divi layouts to make your website stand out? Look no further! We know that Divi is a versatile WordPress theme that allows you to upload any type of custom website layout. If you are a developer then it is good news for you because you can use your own designed layout with popular WordPress cms with Divi. But if are not a developer then you need to buy a layout from the Divi elegant marketplace. To assist you in this process today in this blog we represent the top 10 best Divi layouts. Based on their price, features, performance, and customer feedback we compile the list from our expert hand. Whether you’re starting a new website or want to give your current blog a new look, these layouts are surely masterpieces for your demand.

Top 7 Best Divi Layouts Premium

Now in this section, we’ll take a look at the top 7 best divi layouts in 2023. The price of these layouts is very low, you can easily afford to buy these layouts for your website or blog.

1.) SassUI  – Divi Landing Page Layout

sassui best divi layouts

Sass Ui – Divi Landing Page Layout is our first choice in this list. By using this layout you can create unique and creative landing page websites easily. It is available on the Elegant Themes marketplace for $12.99. With carefully crafted sections, this layout helps you quickly set up a landing page website or blog. It’s perfect for anyone who looking for sass landing, app, app landing, app landing page, app landing Theme, App Showcase, app store, app theme, app website, clean app landing, creative app landing page, landing page, mobile app landing page, & modern app Landing.

Key Features of SassUI

  • Very Responsive Layout
  • Advanced typography options
  • Compatible with the Contact form
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Organized HTML & CSS code
  • Dedicated support and update
  • Organize & detailed documentation

2.) Divi Web 3.0 – NFT and Crypto Landing Page

Web 3.0  NFT and Crypto Landing Page

Are you ready to explore NFTs and crypto in a whole new light? Say hello to Divi Web 3.0! Whether you’re into blockchain, crypto art, or starting a digital venture, this user-friendly template is perfect for your demand. It effortlessly showcases NFT portfolios, crypto wonders, and mobile apps, all with a modern touch. With Divi Web 3.0, the future of NFT and crypto is at your fingertips.

Key Features of Divi Web 3.0

  • Unique and Modern Style.
  • Fully mobile Responsive Design.
  • Super Clear and Clean Layout.
  • Awesome and Creative Design.
  • Easily customizable Every Section.
  • Strange and unique interface.
  • Pixel Perfect Design.
  • Clean & Commented Code.

3.) Book Master – Divi Book Landing Page

Book Master  Divi Book Landing Page

Divi Book Landing Page is our premium choice for those immersed in the world of literature. It is perfectly created for online bookstores, libraries, and ebook vendors, this layout is perfect for showcasing books and selling online. With its captivating design, it blends modern aesthetics and seamless functionality. Whether you’re a seasoned literary person or an aspiring author, this layout will transform your virtual book library into a captive book store.

Key Features of Book Master

  • Elegant Visuals Style
  • Seamless Navigation
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy Book Showcase
  • Effortless Purchasing
  • Author Highlights
  • Interactive Book Previews
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Customization Flexibility

4.) Petly – Divi Layout for Pet Care Services

Divi Layout for Pet Care Services

Petly, is the fourth premium Divi landing page layout that caters to a spectrum of pet care services. From grooming to pet hotels, and veterinary clinics to pet sitting, this vibrant template serves as the perfect feature for all your pet-related services. With its dynamic design and easily customizable artistic elements, Petly ensures your services are presented in the best light. It’s not just a layout; it’s a welcoming gateway that informs and captivates visitors about the benefits of your pet care offerings. Embrace Petly and create a digital haven for pet lovers everywhere.

Key Features of Petly

  • Versatile Service Range
  • Vibrant Design
  • Easily Customizable
  • Informative Presentation
  • Pet-Focused Appeal
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Responsive Design

5.) Smart Apps – Divi Responsive Website Layout

Divi Responsive Website Layout

Smart Apps is the fifth gem in our premium Divi landing page layout. It is created for app developers and SaaS proprietors, this layout is a beacon of responsive website design. With its modern, clean design and effortless customization, Smart Apps enables you to spotlight your app or service impeccably. From color schemes to fonts, personalize your site to match your brand effortlessly. Packed with vital sections like features, testimonials, and pricing tables, Smart Apps is your blueprint for a captivating online journey that showcases your innovation flawlessly.

Key Features of Smart Apps

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • App and SaaS Showcase
  • Clean and Modern Aesthetics
  • Easy Customization Options
  • Comprehensive Section Set
  • Testimonials and Pricing Tables

6.) Divi Estate – Real Estate Website Layout

Real Estate Website Layout

Presenting the sixth jewel in our premium Divi landing page collection: Divi Estate. This layout is a game-changer for the world of online real estate. Meticulously designed for realtors, property managers, and real estate agencies, Divi Estate seamlessly fuses style and substance. Its visually captivating layout and user-friendly features ensure your property listings take center stage. With Divi Estate, you’re not just getting a layout; you’re acquiring a potent tool that revolutionizes your online real estate pursuits.

Key Features Divi Estate

  • Realtor-Centric Design
  • Seamless Property Showcase
  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Customization Flexibility
  • Comprehensive Listing Sections
  • Responsive and Engaging Design

7.) SEO Master – Divi Business & Corporate Website Layout

Divi Business & Corporate Website Layout

Enter the seventh premium Divi landing page layout: SEO Master. A versatile Multipurpose SEO Agency and Business Startup Landing Page Template. Tailored for startup agencies, mobile app showcases, corporate websites, and more. Powered by the latest Divi functionality, it offers easy customization and seamless responsiveness. Whether you’re delving into software or app landing pages, SEO Master makes your web creation journey effortless and impactful.

Key Features of SEO Master

  • Multipurpose Versatility
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy Customization
  • Latest Divi Functionality
  • Author Highlights
  • Newsletter Subscription

Top 3 Best Divi Layouts Free

After the premium layouts now in this section we will discuss about the best divi layouts free. Though these layouts are free, they have amazing features to create an amazing landing page website. Our expert marketer chose these layouts only for you.

8.) Travel Blogger – Free Layout Pack for Travel Website

Free Layout Pack for Travel Website

Unveiling the eighth premium Divi landing page layout: Travel Blogger. But wait this one’s special—it’s free! A captivating Divi Layout Pack crafted exclusively for travel websites. Tailored for wanderlust enthusiasts, bloggers, and globetrotters, Travel Blogger seamlessly captures the spirit of exploration. Its stunning design and intuitive features bring your travel tales to life. With Travel Blogger, you’re not just acquiring a layout; you’re embracing a visual journey that shares your adventures with the world.

Key Features of Travel Blogger

  • Tailored for Travel Enthusiasts
  • Captivating Design Elements
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Seamless Storytelling Integration

9. Homepage – Accounting Firm Divi Layout Free

Accounting Firm Divi Layout Free

Introducing the ninth premium Divi landing page layout: Homepage. Seamlessly elevating accounting firms, this layout offers a blend of professionalism and style. Tailored for financial experts, accountants, and consultancy services, the Homepage redefines your digital presence. Its sleek design and intuitive elements ensure your firm’s strengths shine. With Homepage, you’re not just adopting a layout; you’re embracing a digital journey that propels your accounting prowess. Navigate success with Homepage – your key to an influential and polished online image.

Key Features of Homepage

  • Expertly Designed for Accounting Firms
  • Professional and Stylish Aesthetics
  • User-Focused Interface
  • Effective Presentation of the Firm’s Expertise

10. Divi Learn – Divi Layout for a Driving School

Divi Layout for a Driving School

Introducing the tenth premium Divi landing page layout: Learn. But there’s more—it’s free! Crafted exclusively for driving schools, Learn is your pathway to teaching success. Tailored for driving instructors, schools, and educational platforms, Learn captures the essence of safe driving education. With its user-friendly design and informative features, Learn takes your driving school online. With Learn, you’re not just accessing a layout; you’re unlocking the potential to educate and empower new drivers. Shift into gear with Learn – your route to an impactful and educational online journey.

Key Features of Learn

  • Tailored for Driving Schools
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Informative Elements
  • Effective Online Education Integration


In conclusion, Divi is an excellent WordPress theme that offers a wide range of customization options to create any type of website. Whether you’re looking for a free or premium layout, there are plenty of options available to choose from. We hope this list of the top 10 best Divi layouts in 2023 has helped you find the perfect layout for your website or blog. With these best divi layouts, you can create a professional and polished website that will impress your visitors and help you achieve your goals.

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